My name is not Helen.

September 2, 2010 at 8:12 pm | Posted in Newly tasted foods, pre-op | 1 Comment

Sorry it’s been a while.

I went this morning for pre admissions stuff at the hospital.  I got there early, brought all of my meds and my cpap.  First lady just took my info and insurance card and ID.  She went on to tell me good luck – and that next time, she won’t even recognize me.

I can barely believe I’m doing this!!

Then I get up to the area where I will meet with a few nurses and the Anesthesiologist.  I am the only one waiting in this area.  I hear someone say “(something not understandable, but not my name), have you had surgery here before?”  I looked around, figured she was talking to me.  Then answered no.

5 minutes later she comes back out and says “(something that sounds like Helen), if you’ll step over here, we can get started”.  I look around again, and get up.  I ask her what name she is using.  Turns out there is someone having some surgery named Helen with my last name.  First, my name is Paige.   Next, I’ve only been married almost 2 years and was 35 when I got married.  So, I’m not used to my new last name in some ways – and it’s way more common than my maiden name.  But thank goodness I said something – or I might have ended up with an amputated foot or chemotherapy or something.

Made me laugh.  Nervously.

I’m just ready to move on to the surgery, honestly.  The thing keeping me calm and on course is reading everyone else’s blogs.  I love seeing what others are experiencing.  I am trying to eat according to the broad plan they gave me, but struggling a little.

I am planning to join Weight Watchers at Work next week.  I just think I need a way to stay accountable and still track what I am doing.  Our company pays half of the cost upfront – and then reimburses you the other half if you attend 10 meetings.  So, it isn’t going to hurt me.  I’ll just need to modify the points and such.  I figure both things together will be the tools I use long term for success.

I’m looking forward to a long weekend – getting some things done and just relaxing too.

oooo – I love trying new foods and things out there.  I found the new flavors of Laughing Cow cheese – the blue cheese flavor.  Soooo good.  I put some in a lean burger the other night and grilled it.  So yummy.  Highly recommend for someone who loves the taste of blue cheese!  35 calories….

Until later….


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  1. That would totally freak me out! I hear ya on the changing of the last name piece. About two weeks after I got married, I had to buy new tires. I’m at the tire place and the guy’s like “Ms. Johnson? Ms. Johnson?” and I’m looking around going “Come on lady! We don’t have all day…oh right! That’s me!” LOL. Surgery will be here before you know it.

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